Certificate in Christian Studies

NCCL continues to offer learning opportunities to all, with none of the requirements associated with accredited courses. But we recognize that for some people evidence of learning undertaken can be useful for personal or professional development. For this reason, NCCL is introducing a system of certification. Certification is not compulsory, and all courses will be open to everyone, whether for certification or not.
The Certificate in Christian Studies demonstrates attendance at a range of sessions, including a mixture of Introduction to sessions, and session of your own choice.
There is no formal requirement for work to be produced, or reading to be accomplished, but tutors will where possible provide handouts and suggest further reading.
Qualification for the Certificate in Christian Studies requires attendance at a minimum of 10 session over three years, of which “Introduction” sessions are compulsory, and up to eight optional sessions may be selected from the courses on offer according to your own interest (so long as the basic requirement outlined below is fulfilled).

  • Core sessions - you must attend an Introduction session for subject areas 1 and 2.
  • Optional courses – you should additionally attend at least one non-introductory session in each of subject areas 1 and 2, and at least two sessions in areas 3-5.
  • All elements must be fulfilled within three years, but do not have to be taken in any particular order.
  • Introductions in subject areas 1 and 2 will be offered over the first two terms of each academic year, with in-depth courses on a variety of subjects across the curriculum running as usual throughout the year.
  • Introduction courses need be attended only once during the process of gaining your certificate – i.e., if you spread your course attendance over three years, you DO NOT need to retake the introduction course each year.
  • Study skills sessions are also available to help you make best use of the learning facilities at Norwich Cathedral and further afield.

Each session will related to one of five subject areas:
1. Old Testament
2. New Testament
3. Church History
4. Doctrine and Theology
5. Spirituality and Daily Living
Students seeking certification will be provided with a proforma record sheet (or download here) each session attended in fulfilment of the requirement to be signed off by the tutor. It will be the student’s responsibility to keep the record.
The Certificate will be kept under review and the process may be amended and expanded as we understand better how it can be of benefit to all.

We are delighted to be able to present the first Certificates on Saturday 18 June, 12.30pm; for further details please see the invitation to all.